Ranger American® Interactive Wireless (Cellular Data or IP)

Upgrade to High-Security Cellular Monitoring

Everyone uses a cell phone these days but are you keeping your expensive landline just for the sake of your security system? Ranger American can turn your alarm into a wireless, online security system by switching out the phone line with a high-security cellular communicator that connects you to our central station. There’s no need to “uninstall” your existing unit adding on the accessory updates the whole system instantly.

Remote Control

With Ranger American Wireless, you’ll be able to arm and disarm your alarm system remotely from your smartphone or tablet. Turn the system on as you leave for the day; if you forget, just turn it on when remembered – wherever you are. How convenient!

Get Vital Text Alerts

Instantly after upgrading to Ranger American Wireless, you can start experiencing the advantages of complete control over your alarm system. In addition to remotely arming and disarming, that includes receiving text message notification when an event happens in your home.

Simple Installation - Easy Cellular & Internet


Redundant Alarm Communication

Utilizes Verizon CDMA Network

Virtual Keypad via SecureSmart App


Event Notifications

Upgrade your equipment to Ranger American® Interactive Wireless for $199

-or- upgrade for FREE with an existing Ranger American® system and new interactive wireless monitoring contract


“We just moved into our house and it was pre-wired with Ranger American equipment. I contacted the main office to set up an appointment and a territory sales manager came to my house a couple of days later.

He reviewed my options and was very professional, but we wanted to shop around and see what other security companies offered. The other representatives that came out were very pushy and we didn’t feel like we could trust them.

We decided to contact Ranger American again and the same territory sales manager came to visit with us. He explained in detail the difference between the proposals that the other companies had left and also informed us that there was a lot of things quoted that we didn’t need.

We were very at ease with his presentation and didn’t feel pressured at all. My wife told me that “I trust this sales person” and we signed a contract before he left.

We are very happy with our service to date and it is a great product. I would recommend Ranger American to all of my acquaintances.”

Floyd V.

“Ranger American was one of five companies that we contacted to come to our house and demonstrate their services.

The Ranger American sales representative that was sent to our house was very thorough, explaining all of the different features that Ranger American offered. She was not pushy at all and took care of us like we were her only customers.

Although Ranger American was not the cheapest security company that we contacted, the sales rep was so professional that we trusted her and her company for our security needs.

Ranger American also did an incredible job on the installation of the equipment. He found issues within the house concerning the wiring and fixed them complimentary. He was very clean and efficient while installing and setting up our security system.

As president of our neighborhood HOA, I would recommend Ranger American and their services to my neighbors and friends.”

Scott H.

“We purchased a new home that was pre-wired by Ranger American. Within a day of moving into the home, one of Ranger’s competitors knocked on my door. He seemed very impatient with my questions and very eager to make the sale. I told him that I had to speak with my husband first and that I would call him.

After he left, I visited the model home sales center to speak with my sales associate about something and a Ranger American territory sales manager was replenishing their literature in the office. The Ranger territory sales manager, Matt, asked if he could demonstrate the system by scheduling an appointment. I let him know that I was available for about thirty minutes right then and he assured me that it would only take a couple of minutes.

He demonstrated all of the equipment that was already installed in my home by the builder and was very thorough in explaining what it was used for. He was very educated on the products and services that Ranger American offered as well detailed on the different packages for monitoring services. Matt was very professional in his approach.

After the sale, he constantly followed up with me. He called after the technician left the house to make sure that everything was explained to me. He also called a week after the sale to make sure that I was satisfied with Ranger American.

My experience has been great with this company and I would recommend it to all of my acquaintances.”

Jennifer B.